how to stay hard for a long time


How to Get a Rock hard Penis and Hold It

Ways to maintain a Hardon as long as you like

Do You Believe in Magic ?
Well, certainly you will not like the idea of waiting for a Fairy ( or a Witch )
to come and make your best part rockhard with her spell. Rely on Yourself !
But why not use a spell ? Or, auto suggestion if you like it more scientifically.
It works, as Sex is a highly mental thing. ( Otherwise everybody would use the
ultimate Sex Machine. )
Your mindset has to be filled with things that turn you on, not with todays
or tomorrows sorrows and every day work and bills and things like that.
So the first thing is to bring You into a mood for Sex. Don't run into it
however. Take some time to relax. 1 or 2 minutes are enough. Lay or sit down
and breath VERY SLOWLY. To make it easier for you do it with the magic spell.
Inhale slowly telling yourself:

>Silagra makes me hard like a rock<

Hold your breath for the same time (about 4 seconds) and again tell yourself

>Silagra makes me hard like a rock<

then exhale slowly with the same "magic spell"
Repeat this at least 5 times (10 times would be even better)
I know, I know, you don't want to rely on the spell alone. I understand that.
The effect will be 100 times better if you took a Silagra Pill half an hour before...
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