how to stay hard for a long time


How Your Mind is involved in Sexual Stimulation

Ways to maintain a Hardon as long as you like

more sex Unconsciously You Want Sex
better performance Better imagination
multiple stimulation Multiple Ways of Stimulation
harder erections The right Mindset for a Harder Erection
easy imagination Imagination
extra stimulation External Stimulation
more than one time Phantasizing
now relax Need to Relaxation

You can create dreams. You can project these dreams into reality.
You want pleasure. It will come when You Completely Relax ! Rely on Your Senses.
Dream. Fantasize. Imagination is Strong. Imagination has Full Power.
Create a Lustful Invironment, maybe with candles. maybe take a drink to relax.
But don't drink too much...

Some people will get in the mood for Sex with Books, Stories, Videos, DVDs.
If it is OK for you, do it. There are many sites on the Net as well. I will not
recommend one. If you like them you know where to search. Or you have some
stuff on your computer. If it turns you on, use it. The mindset is important.
Sex is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Love is released from Sex.
Sex is a body thing, a natural power.
Most people prefer to make love in dimly lighted rooms and not in the bright light.
Because Imagination is Stronger than Reality. Especially if your Partner...

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