how to stay hard for a long time


How to achieve a Long Lasting Erection

Would You like to
Maintain a Hard On as long as you like
Keep HIM hard for hours.
An Erection hard and long enough to satisfy every desire ?
Never Loose your Hardon during Intercourse ?
Maintain an Erection at Will ?

Three things are essential for an erection:

This will be caused by different senses:
visual sense Visual (seeing stimulating things of different nature)
touch Touching with hands or other parts of the body
hear the voice of your partner talking
        dirty words Hearing (Dirty Talk)
enjoy smelling your partners body Smell
tasting the skin Taste
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Physically it is easy: Blood is flowing to the Penis causing the erection.
But how the Penis works to get the desired hardness is a highly complicated mechanism.
Prevention from erupting too soon towards orgasm can be achieved and
the question if He is flaccid or erect with great hardness until you cum
will be determined by You only, not the intention of your boner.

* Get control over your erection
* Enjoy sex with a rockhard longlasting erection
* Satisfy your partner
* Staying erect for the desired duration of time
* Stabilize a firm erection immediately
* Enjoy longer lovemaking
* Actually longer than ever before
* Be ready when it comes to perform
* Share the prolonged excitement with your partner
* Without Injection into the penis which really is not a favourite pastime
* Keeping It Up without Ketamin, Crystal Metamphetamine or other dangerous drugs

Please Note:
Silagra or ViagraŽ does not improve libido and sex drive
Hypogonadosm (reduced amount of testoresterone ) due to HIV treatment
requires special medical attention

However those who lose erection when using condoms will improve their
sexual performance and pleasure and confidence

You know the name ViagraŽ but you are not in a position to bear the cost
of this highly effective pill ?
The Solution is ViagraClones i.e. Generic ViagraŽ

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